QES Accounting Department Mission Statement:

To be a world-class Accounting Department that provides timely and accurate financial statements and projections for Quintana Energy Services, Inc. (QES), with a focus on compliance with all QES Policies and Accounting Procedures while serving as an exceptional business partner to Operations and Executive Management. 

We are –

  • Best-in-class 
  • Superlative Business Leaders

Name Last Updated File Type File Size
QES-AF-0001 Accounting-Policies-and-Procedures 06/19/2018 PDF 164KB
QES AF-0002 IT Change Management Final 08/02/2018 PDF 526KB
QES-AF-0003 IT System Access, Users, and Users Change Management 05/22/2019 DOCX 49KB
QES AF-0004 Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Final v5 10/18/2019 DOCX 58KB
QES AF-0005 Cyber Incident Response Policy II 9/25/19 DOCX 59KB
QES AF-0006 Data Classification and Critical Information Assets v2 10/18/2019 DOCX 54KB
QES-AF-0010 Cash and Cash Equivalents II 11/08/2018 DOCX 37KB
QES-AF-0011 Petty Cash 06/19/2019 DOCX 42KB
QES-AF-0012 Bank Reconciliations 11/08/2018 DOCX 37KB
QES-AF-0013 Accounts Receivable 09/27/2018 DOCX 41KB
QES-AF-0015 Phys Verification Inventory II 10/17/2018 DOCX 44KB
QES-AF-0016 Small Tools 11/08/2018 DOCX 45KB
QES-AF-0017 Prepaids 10/17/2018 DOCX 44KB
QES-AF-0020 PPE Capitalization 10/17/2018 DOCM 56KB
QES-AF-0020a – Authorization_for_Expenditure XLS 72KB
QES-AF-0021 Dep and Amort 10/17/2018 DOCX 53KB
QES-AF-0022 PPE Disposals Transfers and Classification of Assets Held Fo… 10/17/2018 DOCX 73KB
QES-AF-0022a Asset Transfer Write-off and Disposal Form XLS 48KB
QES-AF-0023 PPE Phys Inventory 10/17/2018 DOC 47KB
QES-AF-0024 Computer Software Developed or Obtained for Internal Use 10/17/2018 DOCX 56KB
QES-AF-0025 Impairment of Long Lived Assets 05/30/2019 DOCX 50KB
QES-AF-0026 Goodwill and Intangibles 05/30/2019 DOC 180KB
QES-AF-0030 AP Policy 10/17/2018 DOCX 39KB
QES-AF-0030a Vendor Form VS4 – Updated 10.17.2018 XLSX 15KB
QES-AF-0031 RNV Policy 10/17/2018 DOCX 41KB
QES-AF-0032 Accrued Liabilities 10/17/2018 DOCX 40KB
QES-AF-0033 Contingent Liabilities and Assets 05/30/2019 DOCX 40KB
QES-AF-0034 Notes Payable III 9/25/19 DOCX 45KB
QES-AF-0035 Long-Term Debt 10/17/2018 DOCX 42KB
QES-AF-0040 Asset Retirement Obligations 05/30/2019 DOCX 151KB
QES-AF-0041 Warranty Obligations 06/19/2019 DOCX 45KB
QES-AF-0042 Lease Accounting Policy 21 01/16/2019 DOC 184KB
QES-AF-0042E Equipment Lease Abstract Form ABS 11 01/24/2019 XLSX 389KB
QES-AF-0042R Real Estate Lease Abstract Form ABS 11 01/24/2019 XLSX 407KB
QES-AF-0045 Stockholders’ Equity I 06/19/2019 DOCX 39KB
QES-AF-0046 Revenue Recognition III 06/19/2019 DOC 87KB
QES-AF-0047 Share Based Payments I 06/19/2019 DOC 105KB
QES-AF-0048 Legal Costs 06/19/2019 DOCX 40KB
QES-AF-0057 Chart of Accounts 08/23/2018 PDF 79KB
QES-AF-0057b CoA Request Form PDF 282KB
QES AF-0058 QES Internal Controls Committee 07/17/2018 PDF 234KB
QES-AF-0059 Disclosure Committee 7/27/2018 DOCX 40KB
QES-AF-0060 CEO and CFO Certifications 11/16/2018 DOC 53KB
QES AF-0062 Internal Audit Charter 11/08/2018 DOCX 39KB
QES-AF-0063 Pre-Approval of Independent Accountant Services final 07/17/2018 PDF 229KB
QES-AF-0064 Internal Control Deficiencies 05/30/2019 DOCX 53KB
QES-AF-0065 Internal Control Deficiencies Remediation Action Plan 05/30/2019 DOCX 47KB
QES-AF-0067 SEC Reporting 11/16/2018 DOCX 42KB
QES-AF-0068 Segment Reporting and Disclosure 11/16/2018 DOCX 39KB
QES-AF-0069 Subsequent Events 11/16/2018 DOCX 38KB
QES-AF-0070 Discontinued Operations 11/16/2018 DOCX 37KB
QES-AF-0071 Materiality and Out-of-Period Adjustments 09/27/2018 DOCX 46KB
QES-AF-0072 Restructuring Charges Policy 9/25/19 DOCX 39KB
QES-AF-0073 Business Combinations 05/30/2019 DOCX 44KB
QES-AF-0079 Period-End Close 11/16/2018 DOCX 44KB
QES-AF-0081 External Wire Transfers 08/29/2018 DOCX 36KB
QES-AF-0081b External Wire Transfer Request Form 01/24/2019 XLSX 32KB
QES-AF-0082 Journal Entries 10/17/2018 DOCX 52KB
QES-AF-0083 Acct Reconciliations 10/17/2018 DOCX 41KB
QES-AF-0093 T and E Policy 14 01/1/2019 DOCX 82KB
QES-AF-0093a Missing Receipt form XLSX 19KB
QES-AF-0094 Reporting Gifts Prizes and Awards 11/16/2018 DOCM 37KB
QES-AF-0097 Segregation of Duties 09/14/2018 DOCX 43KB
QES-AF-0098 Related Party Designation 5 09/27/2018 DOCX 40KB
QES-AF-0099 DOA Final Final 01/01/2019 DOCX 63KB
QES-AF-0099a DOA Matrix III XLS 118KB
QES-AF-0099b Permanent Delegation Form 12/21/2018 XLS 29KB
QES-AF-0099c Temporary Delegation Form 12/21/2018 XLS 30KB
QES-AF-0099d Revocation of Permanent or Temporary Delegation Form 12/21/2018 XLS 29KB
QES-AF-0100-Records Retention Policy 09/14/2018 DOCX 44KB
QES-AF-0100b Retention Schedule II – with administrative edits 09/14/2018 DOC 246KB
QES IT Request Form 100.2 PDF 212KB
QES IT Request Form 200.7 PDF 215KB
QES IT Request Form 300.3 PDF 169KB


Keefer Lehner
1415 Louisiana, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 751-7553
Geoffery Stanford
1415 Louisiana, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 623-7114
Teresa Olivarez
Corporate Accounting Manager
1415 Louisiana, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 623-7102
Wei Chiang
Senior Financial Accountant
1415 Louisiana, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 751-7539
Chris Ledford
SEC Reporting Manager
1415 Louisiana, Suite 2900
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 751-7523
Janell Bali
Controller, Wireline
801 Cherry Street, Suite 800
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 546-4971
Brent Witte
CFO, Pressure Pumping
15 West 6th Street, Suite 2606
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 895-8606
Vicky Carlson
Controller, Pressure Pumping
1322 S. Grant
Chanute, Kansas 66720
(620) 431-9210
Gary Hammons
CFO, Directional Drilling
11390 FM 830
Willis, Texas 77318
(936) 856-8286
Brandon Addison
Controller, Directional Drilling
11390 FM 830
Willis, Texas 77318
(936) 856-3998
Howie Price
CFO, Pressure Control
4500 SE 59th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73135
(405) 702-6465
Eric KrautKramer
Controller, Pressure Control
4500 SE 59th St.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73135
(405) 702-6406