QES HSE Mission Statement:

  • Safety and health – We adhere to an interdependent Safety culture where accountability and action is both an individual and collective mindset. We look out for each other and hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure the safety and health of our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Environmental stewardship – We protect the environment and strengthen our businesses by making environmental issues an integral part of all business activities. We continuously strive to align our actions with public expectations and maintain environmental stewardship.
  • Highest ethical behavior – We conduct our business affairs to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Respect for people –We foster an environment in which every employee is treated with respect and dignity, and is recognized for his or her contributions


Access to Employee Records PDF 241 KB
Aerial Lifts PDF 208 KB
Asbestos Awareness PDF 110 KB
Assured Equipment Grounding PDF 92 KB
Behavior Based Safety PDF 235 KB
Benzene and Benzene Awareness PDF 267 KB
Bloodborne Pathogens PDF 145 KB
Cold Weather and Stress PDF 103 KB
Compressed Air PDF 88 KB
Compressed Gas Cylinders PDF 100 KB
Confined Spaces Program PDF 217 KB
Cranes PDF 202 KB
Disciplinary Program PDF 133 KB
Drug and Alcohol Worksite Program PDF 146 KB
Electrical Safety Awareness PDF 163 KB
Emergency Action Plan PDF 256 KB
Fall Protection PDF 165 KB
Fatigue Management PDF 217 KB
Fire Protection Extinguishers PDF 111 KB
First Aid PDF 91 KB
Fit for Duty PDF 98 KB
Flammable Liquids PDF 92 KB
Forklift and Industrial Trucks PDF 333 KB
Gas Hazards PDF 216 KB
General Safety Health PDF 108 KB
General Waste Management PDF 130 KB
Hand and or Power Tools PDF 138 KB
Hazard Analysis JSA PDF 163 KB
Hazard Communication GHS PDF 331 KB
Hazard Identif and Assessment PDF 191 KB
Heat Illness Prevention PDF 225 KB
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S PDF 134 KB
Incident Investigation PDF 122 KB
Injury Illness Recordkeeping PDF 226 KB
Ionizing Radiation PDF 189 KB
Job Competency PDF 86 KB
Journey Management PDF 88 KB
Ladder Safety PDF 137 KB
Lead Awareness PDF 95 KB
Lockout Tagout PDF 191 KB
Manual Lifting PDF 218 KB
Marine Transportation PDF 146 KB
Mobile Equipment PDF 98 KB
Nitrogen Awareness PDF 120 KB
Noise Awareness PDF 127 KB
Offshore Helicopter Safety PDF 85 KB
Perforating Operations PDF 86 KB
PPE and Assessments PDF 163 KB
Preventative Maintenance Program PDF 236 KB
PSM Contractor Responsibilities PDF 92 KB
Purchasing Eye & Foot Protection PDF 99 KB
QES Drug Alcohol APPENDIX A PDF 871 KB
QES Policy – CMV Roadside Inspections PDF 99 KB
QES Policy – Motor Vehicle Accidents PDF 146 KB
QES Policy – Operation of Company Vehicles_Safe Driving PDF 176 KB
QES Policy – Speed Limits PDF 201 KB
QES Policy -Qualification and Hiring Criteria CDL Drivers PDF 86 KB
Respiratory Protection PDF 171 KB
Rigging Material Handling PDF 82 KB
Rigging Offshore PDF 91 KB
Risk Assessment – Identification of Hazards PDF 163 KB
Safe Return to Work PDF 152 KB
SEMS Hazard Analysis JSA PDF 155 KB
SEMS Incident Investigation PDF 120 KB
SEMS Management of Change PDF 124 KB
Short Service Employee (SSE) PDF 88 KB
Signaling Cranes PDF 358 KB
Silica PDF 259 KB
Spill Prevention and Response PDF 160 KB
Stop Work Authority PDF 81 KB
Subcontractor Management Plan PDF 88 KB
Subpart O Production PDF 116 KB
Subpart O Well Control PDF 115 KB
Transportation Haz Materials PDF 247 KB
Water Survival Orientation PDF 115 KB
Welding Cutting Hot Work PDF 336 KB
Working Alone PDF 333 KB
Jobsite Security PDF 125 KB

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Trey Roach
Corporate HSE Director
801 Cherry St. Suite 800
Fort Worth, Texas 76102