Rig assist snubbing units can provide a fast and economical means of running or pulling tubing under pressure allowing operators to continue to produce the well during the intervention. Live well workover eliminates the risk of formation damage from kill fluid as well as saving time and expense of loading/unloading the kill fluids from the wellbore and costly disposal of the kill fluid.

QES has one of the largest fleets of rig assist space saver and “mini” snubbing units currently working throughout the United States. Through operational efficiency, integrity and industry expertise, QES has established itself as one of the industry leaders in snubbing operations.

Operational expertise includes:

  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Running or Pulling production tubing, casing and drill pipe
  • Running or Pulling packers, liners, liner hangers, bridge plugs, and gas lift mandrels
  • Fishing
  • Snubbing casing in horizontal wells when string weight is not enough to get to bottom
  • Pulling or Landing isolation hangers
  • Working in conjunction with well control operations, snubbing kill string

QES’s light-weight, compact “mini” hydraulic, rig assist units are mounted on gooseneck trailers for easy transportation and maneuverability on location. They come complete with diesel fuel power units, jack assembly with or without integral work platform, a pipe handling winch, 5,000 psi Shafer type annular stripping BOP, and most units come with a Cameron Type-U safety backup BOP. The units can safely handle tubulars up to 3-1/2” at maximum pressures of 1,500 psi and 2-7/8” and smaller tubing at 2,000 psi. Rig up is quick, usually within one hour or less.

QES’s larger space saver rig assist units are mounted on bobtail trucks or semi-trailer units. The space saver has an eight to ten foot stroke for quick trip times. They are equipped with the same 5,000 psi annular BOP as the “mini” rig assist units, but also utilize two Cameron type-U BOPs which allow for ram-to-ram stripping at pressures up to 6000 psi when the QES proprietary pipe guide system is fitted. A large work basket with power tongs and operators console allows for safe, efficient operation.